Nowadays people have been indulged on the internet so much that the internet has become conventional to users. The use of laptops, computers, mobile phones has boosted the digital platform or digital channel in India. India has become a full-fledged digital market platform where various activities are ongoing like surfing, purchasing, collecting pieces of information, and different market strategies are being practiced. This has lead to tremendous growth in the digital channels and in higher production in the field of digitalization. One of the most trending and growing sectors is Digital Marketing. According to the current statistics, the growth of India’s Digital Industries is flourishing day by day and the value of the digital marketing industry is expected to exceed by the billion marks in 2020. Since the past few years, there has been a rise in the social platforms and people are transforming digitally and bringing their business to the social platform. One of the primary sources of bringing business on the social platform is Digital Marketing, which is cost-effective and reliable to use. Any person can start their Digital Marketing business with very low investment and can make it grow enormously. The growing market of the social platforms has influenced a wider set of audience to reach out more in the usage of these.

Digital Marketing is all about bringing the product online, promoting it through various advertisements, and influencing the audiences, consumers, customers to buy them. Indian markets have experienced a wide shift towards the offline to the online mode of advertisements, purchasing, brand promotions, communications, etc. Companies are shifting towards the digital platform to showcase their products and services more effectively and efficiently. On average people are spending 7-8 hours on their mobile phones surfing internet, browning, communicating, etc, this practice has been secretly helped the digital platform to flourish more in the Indian markets, hence empowering the digital marketers, practitioners to create effective strategies to reach out more people across the nation-wide. Witnessing this pandemic Covid-19, the government had imposed nation-wide lockdown which resulted in a loss in many sectors, but Digital Marketing is something that is not much affected by physical or geographical factors, this is a sector where you can work right from your home.

Digital Marketing is a wider concept and has created various varieties of jobs for individuals to showcase their skills and talents and indulging a wider range of audiences for converting them to sales as if audiences will reach more products it will be sold more in the markets generating capital for better strategies in the field of digital marketing. The emergence of Digital Marketing has created a large impact on the Indian economy, as it has brought various job opportunities with the diversified fields for the people globally. The Indian government is also promoting the concept of Digital India, as over the past few years India has experienced exceptional digital empowerment in the various sectors. Digital Marketing consists of various roles like graphic designers, content writers, blog creators, brand consultants, social media experts any many more. This digital industry is growing the demand for experts is rising too generating more employment in India. Digital Marketing initiatives have strengthened our nation’s economy and foster the actualization of the concept of Digital India.



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