As we have seen in recent times due to the pandemic, the economy of every country has been affected and similarly, the Indian economy was also hit. In these hard times, the most affected where the local manufacturers as unlike the MNC’s they depend on day to day or short term sales and profit, which was completely stopped due to this pandemic. Also, the local manufactures are the ones where the money invested stays in the same country and helps in the growth of the economy of that country. Thus supporting the local product is very essential for a country for its growth and economical independence from other countries. During these tough times, it becomes very important for we Indians to support local products because it not only helps the local manufacturer who has to suffer economical crises due to this pandemic but also helps the economy of our country in the long run. We also cannot overlook the fact that these times have shown us how helpful technology can be if used in efficient and productive ways. Many manufacturers and many other businesses have overcome the problems faced in these times by adapting the digital medium for their businesses. Hence, it is very important that digitalization must be adopted in an extensive manner so as to overcome these situations.


India is considered as one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for consumers. Here most of the people are involved in buying and selling and earning at that spot of time. But due to this global pandemic situation, India is suffering from a heavy crisis, and the local manufacturers, laborers have been burdened with the extreme loss. There are different sectors of business that had to suffer loss as due to lockdown there were no consumers to consume their services, as a result, they didn’t earn any profit from their investment even they had to suffer loss as the investment was already made. Besides this, there are so many other options through which we can financially stabilize our country and one such option is- Going Local. Since the earliest times, our freedom fighters had always urged to use the local products of India instead of using the products of different countries. Going local will help the Indian economy to develop at a faster rate and will also lead to higher productivity and employment in the nation. This will also help the Indian laborers and manufacturers to develop the new skills required to fulfill the demand of the consumers and customers. When India will have the skilled laborers and the manufacturers, people will not have to migrate from one country to another for employment. Also, this will help in developing new opportunities (an opportunity to build an excellent reputation). Going Local provides a great opportunity to build a strong online community i.e giving local readers more topics around. Today’s generation has been appreciating the foreign products of different countries more than the local products. But it is a high time that we need to realize that by neglecting local product we are ultimately harming our own economy and considering only foreign products instead of local will only benefit other nations, there are cases where local product quality is not up to the mark but if we don’t give chance to them how can they improve without consumers support and produce effectively. A good product without any consumers is still worthless for the producers, so we must support local products to make our economy stronger and more self-dependent. Also in this era of digitalization, local products can also be sold through online mediums. Local products need to come up more in the markets than the foreign product or else the foreign products will overtake the Indian market, which will lead to the exploitation of the local manufacturers and the producer. Thus, it is important to value the traditions of our society and understand the vitality of local products.

By – Sanya Singh

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