The whole internet is flooded with Digital Marketing as every other person is indulged in targeting audiences, segmenting their markets according to the customer’s needs, and wants, advertising their products and brands digitally. People are getting indulged in the activities digitally be it purchasing, booking tickets, hotels, documentation communication, and even medical aids are available digitally to some extent. Day by day Digital Marketing is flourishing and the value of these industries is expected to exceed up to billion marks in 2020. Earlier Perfumes and Fragrance were purchased after the trials because perfumes and fragrances solely depend on an individual taste of smell and once they liked it they have to reach the shop and buy it. But now the scenario has been pretty much changed, we can order the same perfume online and it will reach our doorsteps in a few days. As for the past few years, there has been a huge shift from offline to online purchasing patterns.

Nowadays People are buying products online more than offline. In products like perfumes and fragrance where it was important for the consumer to buy it after going to shops physically, now it can be brought from the homes just by looking at reviews for any particular product which says about the real experience of people while using that product. So now even if consumers want to try something new other than what he/she is familiar with he can try it if it has got a good amount of positive feedback, and even if the consumer is not satisfied with the product, most of the time there is an option for return or exchange of the product with some terms and condition, so we can clearly see how digital marketing has increased the reach of people to different range of products from this industry as well as it has boosted the reach of the sellers/manufacturers to a huge amount of consumers which earlier used to be limited to those who can physically come to them. Instead, now anyone with the internet can use their product which has greatly enhanced their business and has led to higher growth and promotion. People are buying more and more perfume and fragrances online each and every day.

According to that statistics, Online shopping for perfumes and fragrances sales have increased by 30 %. This is a type of e-commerce that is growing tremendously. The benefits of shopping online perfumes and fragrances are savings- as there are so many online shopping websites where the customers can compare the prices and select the affordable one, where people can save up to 50% than those if purchased from the shops physically. Also, another benefit is ease, as in online shopping of perfumes people don’t have to go to the shop they can simply order their choice of products online and the product will get delivered. In online purchasing people are also getting some offers and discounts, which attracts large audiences in the online buying of perfumes and fragrances. Thus, perfumes and fragrances owners can diversify their business through online channels and promote their brand via digital marketing.


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