Women’s empowerment is what most of us still demand. The statement “women hold half the sky” certainly points out the desire of having equal opportunities no matter the field. Half the sky also indicates the urge of having equal space; no more, no less. Here, especially in India, people treat women either as a goddess or as a homemaker. That’s where the problem lies, there is no middle ground.

Apart from that, women should be deployed outside their houses as well. There are so many instances of how great role models they can be. We all have been raised by one, and certainly, you can’t question how they excel in guiding and managing not only chores but lives as well. So it’s pretty high time talking about empowerment still in Gen Z draws attention to how insecure and how intolerant our society is. Being a woman should be your supreme achievement, and not the deepest fear because there are so many role models present in our society who outshine all and keep the bright light up in the sky.


During the historic pandemic of Coronavirus in 2020, several nations are facing the inevitable situation of lockdown and stacking up the whole nation. Inventive Cafe paves a great way to fulfill the dreams of many women out there. Moreover, in today’s era where a girl decides to bear her own expenses, who wish to start their own business can do so. In this way, not only will they be self-employing themselves but also create a pool of jobs in the economy. The e-book provides diverse options for starting your own business.


Earlier, there used to be a different scenario where girls were engaged in 3K’s- Knitting, Kids, and Kitchen. Now the scenario is completely changed. There are 4I’s now- Independence, Intelligence, Innovation, and Investment for girls. Girls are venturing in different areas and are becoming increasingly visible and successful in all scenarios. The entrepreneurial abilities of girls in the country have begun to impact the economic standing in society. Girl entrepreneurs in India are making their mark in various domains of business like interior designing, fashion, journalism, and many more.

Now also somewhere girls are being stopped from pursuing their education or going outside for work. In this patriarchal society, women are often told to handle only the household chores and are considered unfit for business and this thinking has been passed on generation over a generation in the society. We cannot deny that there are some men who believe in equal participation of women; but there is a major part of the society that has a completely different thinking. Sometimes women don’t want to do business because of certain limitations, be it managing their houses or lack of enough capital. So this book offers a range of small economical business ideas for girls in India that are suitable to start and allow them to grow their business over time, without leaving their home.

By – Sanya Singh

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